The Rehabilitation Center (Farm) in Sinjhoro, Sindh provides an extensive rehabilitation program for drug users. Here the treatment period varies from 1 to 6 months. It is the largest live-in rehabilitation center in Pakistan, accommodating an average of 250 patients at any given time. The center, which is built on a hundred acres of farmland, comprises of 5 buildings which house dormitories, a prayer room, dispensary, dining hall, recreational room, and a vocational training center. Of course, there is plenty of space for outdoor games like cricket.

The Halfway House in Karachi provides an opportunity for sober living, serves to reunite families and re-integrate recovering addicts into society. Here, behavioral change is reinforced through community living, sharing and mutual support.

At the Halfway House, street drug addicts are counseled and motivated to go to Sinjohoro for rehabilitation and treatment. It also provides follow-up and after-care services to those who have completed their rehabilitation. In addition, recovering drug addicts and their families gather at the Halfway House for counseling. The Halfway House accommodates approximately 25 recovering addicts, and there is a compound and hall for daily meetings.

We offer assistance and support to drug users and their families: most importantly their parents, partners and children, who so often are the ‘hidden victims’ of substance abuse.

We provide the following services to all without any discrimination: